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Win Buffy Season 5 DVDs by Making Icons!! Join Now!!!

So here is the deal... M80 an online team that I am a member of is having a few contests for the release of Buffy Season 5 on DVD and Firefly on DVD as well.

The reason I am posting it up here.. is because... there are banner and icon contests to enter and who better to take charge than us?? We know Buffy Icons!!

So click this link... join the online team... make icons and... win free stuff!!!!

These things tend to really pay off in the end, and with the amount of icons most of you guys already have this should be a cake walk and some of us should walk off with a prize!!

So here:

Follow... Join.... Win!!!!

By the By.. this is Cross Posted.. and I am not advertising a new community I am giving Buffy/Firefly fans a chance to do what they do best and win stuff too... so I hope some of the more strict mods don't toss this one out!!
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