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Icons by Insomniacs' Journal

Below are the 25 most recent journal entries.

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  2005.01.17  21.42
Lindsay Lohan


Credit --> lxlcindylxl



  2005.01.17  21.27

Credit --> lxlcindylxl


Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker


  2004.11.07  23.35
Just one Sinfest

Credit lxlcindylxl, or intent_icons


  2004.09.02  03.07
3 random

No hotlinking



  2004.09.02  02.51

Kill Me, Kiss Me

+Don't hotlink

Teasers: __

( K2 )


  2004.08.05  21.01

Teasers: __

( That and a dime )


  2004.08.04  21.40
TONZ of Icons!!!

I am SO bored so I made ALOT of icons. Please CREDIT if taking any. Hope you like!! Oh, and these are 100% random!!!

Read more...Collapse )

Mood: bored

  2004.08.01  13.06
It not late right now but I made this in the middle of the night

Teasers: __

3. Draco
1. Harry
1. Snape
1. Slytherin Crest
12. Harry/Draco
4. Random

(Those cunning folk use any means)


  2004.07.18  04.15
First time posting

Tim Burton:
1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 5.


Mood: hopeful

  2004.06.26  18.15


  2004.03.25  19.14



  2004.03.11  23.14

Hey everyone. I just joined after accidentally finding this community. Over the past week I have made a few icons and thought I would share them since I already saw soo many awesome icons in this community already! They are all really good, for the lack of a better word (the ones already posted in this community). Here are the Horatio Hornblower related ones. Hope someone enjoys them.

12 HH iconsCollapse )

Mood: bored

  2004.02.05  14.07

Made some icons from Amy Brown pictures

Here are all 16Collapse )
x posted in my own journal alkwing

Mood: creative

  2003.11.17  00.44
Win Buffy Season 5 DVDs by Making Icons!! Join Now!!!

So here is the deal... M80 an online team that I am a member of is having a few contests for the release of Buffy Season 5 on DVD and Firefly on DVD as well.

The reason I am posting it up here.. is because... there are banner and icon contests to enter and who better to take charge than us?? We know Buffy Icons!!

So click this link... join the online team... make icons and... win free stuff!!!!

These things tend to really pay off in the end, and with the amount of icons most of you guys already have this should be a cake walk and some of us should walk off with a prize!!

So here:


Follow... Join.... Win!!!!

By the By.. this is Cross Posted.. and I am not advertising a new community I am giving Buffy/Firefly fans a chance to do what they do best and win stuff too... so I hope some of the more strict mods don't toss this one out!!

Mood: busy

  2003.06.30  22.38
pretty please :)

will someone please make me an icon of Shannyn Sossamon and one of Gavin Rossdale. Preferably with some blinking words or something. For those of you who don't know who shannyn sossamon is she's the most beautiful girl ever and she was in "40 days and 40 nights" and "a nights tale" i have a picture of her for my icon.... if someone could do something with that, take out the "DIE" part and make it say something else but moving or blinking that'd be rad. thank you.


  2003.06.12  00.52
Icons by Nevernilien


  2003.06.05  20.28
Icons by Nevernilien


  2003.06.03  18.45
Icons by Nevernilien


  2003.05.20  00.40
Cole icons....

Mood: tired

  2003.05.02  22.24
Icons from Alkwing

Mood: silly

  2003.05.01  00.11
Lame Icons

Sorry not having much inspiration lately...

Note: Borrowed lip licking Vig from SisterCinders from VFB. (hope she doesn't mind).
So credit should go to her.


  2003.04.26  23.28
Icons by Nevernilien

Who has a bit of a problem with her hormones ..

Mood: hormonal

  2003.04.17  19.58
Two more By Nevernilien


  2003.04.12  18.50
Icons by Nevernilien (who has no inspiration)



  2003.04.12  22.36
Theme Variations - by Nevernilien



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